Virtual Conference

Welcome to Neonatology 2024!

Scientex Conferences glad to announce our “International Conference on Neonatology and Advanced Pediatrics", which is going to be held in Bangkok, Thailand during November 11 & 12, 2024.

Theme: Emerging Innovatory on Neonatology and Pediatric Care - Healings & Caring for Brightest Beginnings.

Neonatology 2024 is always evolving, characterized by ground breaking discoveries, shaping their lives, cutting-edge technology, and an unyielding commitment to the care and support of children, who represent our future.

 All in the pursuit of a common goal is “Ensuring a Healthier and Crafting Futures for Every Child”

We are extremely happy to invite all over international speakers who are expert in Pediatric Care and Neonatology. Neonatology 2024 serves as a beacon of knowledge and innovation towards a Healthier and Brighter Future for the children of our world. 

Each and every one to be to actively participate, share your experiences, contribute your expertise, insights, knowledge, discuss about the latest developments and their importance. Neonatology 2024 participants are encouraged to have an opportunity to present their works through Virtual, Plenary talks, Keynote, Oral and Poster Presentations.

Benefits of Attending Neonatology 2024:
• Certificate will be provided for both physical and virtual
• Improve your research with a new platform
• Access to all sessions and exhibitions
• Presenting your research at a conference can lead to Publication Opportunities, further contributing to your professional reputation
• Understanding new and modified regulations
• Can lead to new opportunities and career advancement
• Facilitation of discussions
• Best platform to showcase the latest products in Pediatric industry 
• Opportunity to receive feedback of your work
• Listen all the research discussion through Physical and virtual
• Can interact with them and learn from leading experts in Neonatology and Pediatric medicine

We need your presence and participation enriches this event and we are pleased to have you with us and take an extra time to explore the "Beauty of Bangkok"
             “Let the Journey to the excellence begin

Target audience
• Neonatologist and General Pediatrician 
• Gynaecologist
• Pediatric Cardiologist
• Pediatric Endocrinologists 
• Pediatric Gastroenterologists 
• Pediatric Geneticists 
• Pediatric Haemato-Oncologists 
• General Physicians 
• Pediatric Nephrologists 
• Pediatric Neurologists
• Pediatric Nutritionists 
• Pediatric Pulmonologists 
• Primary Care Physicians 
• Pediatric Nurses 
• Vaccinologist
• Scientists 
• Neonatal & Pediatric Researchers
• Medical student
• Educators
• Pharma and Manufacturing company
• Industry professionals
• Healthcare and Business entrepreneurs

Venue & Hospitality

Bangkok, Thailand

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